Since 1969, Neighbourhood Information Post has evolved into a vital community service provider, a pioneer in innovative homelessness prevention programs and a strong community partner in Toronto, especially for low-income individuals and families in the eastern part of Downtown Toronto. NIP currently receives support and stable funding from three levels of government. On average, we serve approximately 17,000 individuals yearly, and provide services in seven languages.

We started the first Rent Bank program in Canada, which has become a model for many other similar programs in the country. Building on the success of the Rent Bank, NIP has again played a key role in the creation of energy assistance programs for low-income households in Ontario. In addition, our Housing Trusteeship Program acts as a trustee to help challenged individuals to manage their income and ensure that their rent and other bill payments are made on time. The overall goal of the program is to help participants preserve stable housing (free from rental arrears/risk of eviction), and, whenever feasible, to improve participants’ skills and confidence in managing their own finances.

We believe that we can best help and empower marginalized and socially isolated people in our community by ensuring that people in our community have equitable access to quality programs and services; by implementing programs that promote and maintain stability in people’s lives; and by fostering trusting and caring relationships with community members.


To be an innovative, responsive and essential community organization that uses both the “human touch” and helpful technologies to provide services that strengthen our local communities and enhance the resilience of vulnerable households. We play a critical and leading-edge role in a network of services that nourish the foundational sources of human well-being.

As a result, homelessness is prevented, housing is stabilized, communities are thriving, and meaningful social connections are readily available and easily formed.


To build local communities and improve the resilience of the people in our communities by:

  • Providing services and supports for vulnerable people to move from insufficiency to stability and the capacity to thrive in life;
  • Strengthening the capacity of vulnerable people to effectively meet the challenges and obstacles in their lives; and
  • Engaging in community partnerships as part of a broader network of services to bolster the foundational sources of human well-being.

Our current services focus on homelessness prevention, housing & financial stabilization, community animation & engagement, and meaningful social connection.

“I was able to obtain stable housing through the help of Neighbourhood Information Post when I was going through a major health crisis. They helped me access various government and community resources and get my life stabilized. They supported me as I re-entered the labour market and dealt with the various challenges that I faced. I now work part-time and actively volunteer at Neighbourhood Information Post to give back to the community.”

– Volunteer