The Trusteeship Program’s target population consists of individuals who need short-term assistance in stabilizing their housing situation/preventing eviction, and supports in acquiring money management skills to maintain housing and establish independent living.  The purpose of this program is to customize individualized packages of money management services to assist these individuals in moving towards greater financial independence and housing stability.  The overall goal for the program is to help participants preserve stable housing (free from rental arrears/risk of eviction), and report improved skills and confidence in managing their own finances.  We provide trusteeship services both in Downtown Toronto and Scarborough.

Voluntary Housing Trusteeship Program


Neighborhood Information Post is offering a free Voluntary Housing Trusteeship Program that provides financial management assistance, supports at-risk individuals in preventing evictions and making funds last through the month.

Our primary goal is to maintain housing and prevent evictions.

Services include:

  • Money management/budget support

  • Collection of income

  • Rent & bill payment assistance

  • Financial education & support

  • Financial follow-up supports

  • Mediated information referrals

Our services are offered at three locations in Toronto:

  • Toronto – Gerrard & Parliament

  • East York – Danforth & Coxwell

  • Scarborough – Ellesmere & Markham

How it works

This is a Voluntary Program. We receive authority from you to manage your income. We make sure that rent and bill payments are made on time. We help manage the remaining funds.

I am homeless, can I sign up?

Yes! We can help you budget your income, develop the necessary savings and habits for monthly rental payments.


Did you know that “Chronic Late Payment” of Rent is a legal reason for eviction? This means that your landlord can evict you if you have a history of late rental payments. The trusteeship program can ensure that rent is paid on time

Housing Trusteeship Program Application

Contact number:  416-924-2543

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